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What Is A Email Box?

When you offer an email address that is personalized by your domain name (like, or similar), you are doing two things to build your business. One, you are opening communication between you and your customer or viewer and making it easy for them to contact you; and two, you are repeating the name of your website, which in a way, is a form of advertising.

To get the most from the mailboxes associated with your web hosting account, you will need to understand a little about how they work. To check the mail at your domain email box, you will need a POP3 access. This POP3 access is provided from by your email program. If you know your email address, the rest of the process should be easy. Just enter your password and get your email! The POP3 email is sent through the server where your domain was purchased.

There is another way to get email. Web hosts that offer the SMTP email do not even require the POP3 procedure to get to your email.The web host handles your email and puts it in your box. All you have to do is check the email, often times as part of your account services on your web host’s website. Just remember to check these email addresses so your website viewers and customers can get in touch with you. Some people have a tendency not to check the email that comes through their websites, but they may very well be missing a great customer or opportunity!