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What Is Disk Space And How Much Do I Need?

In hosting, “disk space or storage size” refers to the amount of hard disk space the hosting company offers for your web pages. All your documents, graphics, animations, etc. all must fit into this space storage space.

With web hosting companies offering varying amounts of storage space, how do you know how much you need? Getting an estimate for your needed storage space is as easy as looking at your local disk. See how much space your web page requires on your local disc. If you use Windows Explorer, it is easy to find out your storage space. Just click on the folder where your sites are located and choose “Properties.” The easiest way to do it is to right-click in the Windows Explorer on the folder where your sites is located, and choose Properties. Your web page will take similar amount of storage on the server as it takes on your hard disk.

Keep in mind that you may want to add some files to your web page in the future. Therefore, you should allow for some extra storage when signing up for the web hosting service, so that new content and files will fit on the server as well. Buy into a web host that can offer you increased storage when it is necessary. A good rule of thumb is to buy at least 50% more storage than your website initially needs

It is also important not to confuse storage size with bandwidth. Web hosting companies do generally offer both.