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What Is A Website Builder?

There is no need to panic if you need to build a website or web page and do not know HTML language. A website builder program is user friendly and takes all the need for HTML, script and other programming knowledge out of web page building. A website builder makes web page building easy and can often be done by someone with very little experience in just a few hours.

There are various types of website builders. There is software on the market like Microsoft’s Front Page or Macromedia’s Dream Weaver that can help beginner web page designers to quickly see the fruits of their labor. You can buy this software online or through retail outlets.

Software such as Web Studio can be downloaded immediately if purchased via Internet. It’s drag and drop method of page building offers fast website building.

Many web hosting companies and domain sellers offer website builder programs and templates in their packages. If you use the website builder provided by your web host, be sure to try out the many different templates offered so you can more effectively relay your web page’s image to your viewers.

No matter which type of website builder program you choose, you are not eliminating the use of HTML and scripts; you are simply eliminating the need to know it yourself. The HTML and script computer languages are written into the programs – that is why they are so much easier to use for a novice page builder.