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What Is A Database?

How can a database be useful on your website? Maybe you have a price list you would like to publish, or a list of items up for sale along with their product number. Maybe your website is for a club or organization in which a list of members would be helpful. In all these situations, a database could be beneficial.

Creating a database allows you to organize all sorts of information for your website viewers. By searching your database, if it is a thorough one, your online customer can “browse” your online store to find specific items. The database requires a script to make this interactive search possible. The searches performed on your database are called queries. Queries and searches on your website are created with the use of scripts.

If you are a programmer, chances are that you will know which scripts need to be created to put together a searchable database. If you are like most people and use a website builder, your site building program likely includes the options of database search or query . Luckily for beginners, many website building programs include the use of scripts to obtain the same results as though they had been custom made for your project!

Some of today’s popular databases are of MySQL, PostgreSQL and also those of Microsoft’s SQL server. Don’t worry. If it all sounds foreign to you, remember that most website builder programs already have database search scripts written in!