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What Is A Admin Control Panel?

The control center of your web hosting account is the administrator control panel, or admin panel. You will use the admin panel to manage each and every part of your server.

The admin panel is vital in setting up and managing mail boxes. It also is necessary to assign different domains and subdomains to your server. The admin panel will help you manage password protection of certain directors on your server. You will also use your admin panel to manage databases.

Your admin panel is also crucial to importing your SSL certificates. The SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. The SSL provides the security needed for information to travel safely across the World Wide Web. You can recognize SSLs by the address that begins with “https://.”

Your admin panel will also allow you to manage the many different properties of your web hosting account.
If your web hosting company offers either H-Sphere or cPanel admin panels, take them up on the offer. Both are very popular and are an advantage because they are user friendly and offer several options that will help you as you manage and maintain your website. Both H-Sphere and cPanel are designed to make administration of websites easy. cPanel is designed for use by commercial web hosting services. H-Sphere is generally sold as part of a bundle (or as an optional extra) with VPS and dedicated server packages provided by professional web hosting providers. The H-Sphere program allows the user to configure common server management tasks and does not require an expansive knowledge of the server’s operating system