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What Are Scripting Languages Like PHP, ASP, Perl, Java, etc...

If you are new to website design, you might think “scripts” are the curly fonts you’ve been considering to include on your webpage. However, scripts are more important than that. The sights and sounds you create on your web page are all created with script programs like PHP, Perl, ASP or CGI.

PHP, Perl and ASP are among the most popular scripts. Thanks to programmers and easy to use software, you may be using them daily and not even know it.

If you are a beginner in web design, you are probably using a software program that will save you the time of learning about scripts. Just know that your website building software is full of scripts that make the program work.

Scripts are used for a variety of applications on web pages. Scripts allow us to have guest books on our websites. Scripts allow us to post comments on blogs. If your website publishes the day or date and updates it on its own, it is able to do so with the use of a script. There are many uses for scripts in our daily work with web pages – whether you need to have a programmer’s knowledge of them or not depends on the website software you have chosen.

You might also hear the word “script” referred to as a programming language. Programming languages allow automatic updates to be made to your website without creating the constant need to be online and making changes yourself manually.