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What Are Frontpage Extensions?

Imagine if some sort of web bot could help you build a website faster. Sounds like some sort of sci-fi dream, but the reality is that the technology is here and already among us. When you build a website using Microsoft’s Front Page, that is exactly what happens.

Front Page is one of the most popular website builder programs for building websites. The user friendly program takes away the need to know programmer languages like HTML, PERL and other scripts.

Back to the web bots. These tools allow you to create web pages faster (and easier) than ever~ The web bots keep track of changes you make to a web page on your site and make sure that all subsequen pages also reflect the changes. It is an advance that means you will spend less time on changes to your site and you can focus on other relevant business at hand instead!

Front Page extensions are a type of language used involved in building the website. You will never even really know they are there. Before using Front Page as your website builder, make sure your web hosting provider supports Front Page extensions. If it does not, you will either need to find a web host that does or will need to change to a compatible site builder program.

If you are already skilled in HTML language, you can incorporate that knowledge into the Front Page extensions. If you do not know HTML, don’t sweat it!