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Should I Use A Linux, Unix or Windows Server Operating Software?

Do you know what operating system on which you web host’s server runs? It is an important piece of information to know as you design your web pages because the server’s operating system, or OS, determines what scripting languages can run and what databases are supported among other things.

There are three major operating systems on which web host servers can run. The Linux operating system allows scripts like Perl, PHP, Python and other languages based on Unix. The server operating on Linux also generally supports MySQL and PostgreSQL database systems.

Servers run on Unix operating systems, like Solaris or FreeBSD, have the same capabilities as servers run on the Linux operating system.

Servers that operate their systems with Windows provide ASP scripts, utilizing .NET and other Microsoft technologies. And of course the Windows operating system supports Microsoft’s SQL Server database.

If your website does not have any scripts, it will not matter what operating system your web host server uses. When the script does not make a difference, most website builders choose a server with either the Linux or Unix web hosting because they are generally less expensive. But remember, if you want to use scripts or a database, you should choose the operating system which supports those technologies. When in doubt about which operating system to use, contact your web host to determine which choice is best for your needs and the demands your website will produce. Make sure their server can meet your needs so you can produce an effective and efficient website.