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Putting My Site Up On The World Wide Web

How Does Your Web Page Get from Your Computer to the WWW?

Web page design can be exciting and fun…but you are the only one who will enjoy your site designs unless you get them from your computer’s desktop and onto the Internet.

How do you get them online? You must have a web host to publish a website on the Internet. Once you select and make payment arrangements for your web host, you will establish a user name and password. The user name and password will allow you to upload your website files onto your web hosts’ FTP (file transfer protocol) site. The FTP upload is safe and fast, which means viewers can see your website creations sooner.

Your web host will provide you with the FTP link you will need in order upload your website files. Only people you choose to give your username and password information to will be able to change your web pages.

If you are lucky enough to have a program downloaded on your computer that gives you an option under your “file” command that says “publish to web, ” you may use that option, too, as long as your web host recognizes and supports the program you used to create the web page. When choosing your web host, let the company representative know which software you plan to use to create your web pages, then he or she can better advise you on the easiest uploading options. Microsoft’s Front Page is a popular design tool, but not all web hosts offer the extensions needed for it to operate properly.